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What we do

We help you unlock new opportunities enabled by the new internet, the Metaverse

Spoiler alert, the Metaverse does not exist yet. What we are witnessing is the evolution of the current internet's infrastructure. Blockchain, Non-fungible Tokens, Cryptocurrencies, AR & VR, faster computing & internet, are all pieces that make up the Metaverse. An internet that is more immersive, persistent & fun , packed with countless opportunities.

If you are a brand or institution, we help you understand, navigate and capitalize on the ever evolving world of Web 3.0.

Our talent management services cater for all types of content creators helping them unlock different opportunities by harnessing the power of NFTs & other emerging technologies.

Who we are

Consultants, digital architects & designers, developers, educators & researchers helping you strategize & pivot your brand to the Metaverse.

Our Services

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Design, develop & deploy custom builds within user generated content platforms like Decentraland, Sandbox & Somnium Space. From deploying your next remote office to digital storefronts, galleries and gaming experiences.

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NFT Consultation

Creating a NFT is easy, but we help you strategically integrate them into your ecosystem, build brand awareness & discover how the world of NFTs & digital goods can generate new revenue streams.

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Metaverse Tour

Curious about the Web3 space, and how it could work for your business?

We teleport to Decentraland where we 

 we explore the NFT, crypto, and metaverse landscape in a fully immersive session (or sessions) and brainstorm how it could come to life for you

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