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We empower individuals, brands & businesses with the right knowledge to be future fit in the phygital world.

The internet of ownership & experience 

The time looking down our screens is quickly coming to an end.

How we experience content and interact digitally with other humans & objects is going to change forever.


The experience is just one part of the narrative. The infrastructure is getting a big upgrade & there is a parallel internet being built on top of open blockchain infrastructures enabling the creation of decentralized applications which are not controlled by single points of control & are interoperable by design.


The internet of ownership & experience is upon us, and its going to enable human beings to create, own & exchange value in unprecedented ways.

Where do we fit in, and how we can help

We advise & help implement the creation of digital assets & virtual experiences. We help companies understand what blockchain, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), creator & social tokens and more immersive experiences could mean for their businesses.


Our Web3 consulting expertise is complemented by our network of top talent, exceptional companies & innovative service providers to turn ideas into tangible business value.

Partners &

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